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Sally Cheeseman

 Hawaii Military Relocation, PCS to Hawaii, Hawaii First Time Home Buyer

PART III of the Series on YOUR Military Move to Hawaii

Starting Your Hawaii Home Buying and Hawaii VA Loan Process

Regardless is you're a Hawaii First Time Home Buyer or just investing in a Hawaii Home while you're stationed here you will need to get started somewhere. Being proactive in your Hawaii Relocation and PCS Move to Hawaii AND getting started on the Hawaii VA Loan Process and Searching for your Hawaii Home will give you a head start above others!

Your "To Do" List in getting ready for your Hawaii Home Buying Process is definitely the next step to being proactive in your Hawaii Military Relocation and Buying Your Hawaii Home. What better way to get it all started so when you arrive you'll be ready to start the Hawaii VA Loan and Hawaii Real Estate Transaction Process.

  • Contact Sally to get you started on with your Hawaii Home Buying and Relocation needs. We will discuss your options and your specific criteria for a home/townhouse/condo for you and your family (same thing with singles)
  • The first step is my referring you to a few local area loan officers who are seasoned and proficient in the Hawaii VA Loan Process. They will need information from you to pull your credit and see your income and other documentation in order to pre-approve you for a loan. (We have to submit a preapproval letter with your offer)
  • After the lender let's us know what price range you qualify for we can get you started with perusing through listings straight from our Multiple Listing Service. I'll set you up with your own personal web page according to your price range and criteria and you'll be able to look at your leisure. Along the way we'll be talking, emailing and brainstorming through the listings, neighborhoods and so forth.

I guaranty that by the time you arrive we'll have it all pinpointed for the type of home and the neighborhoods you are interested in...and ready to go on our showing appointments!

  • Make sure and not pack all the documents you need for your loan process (you'll have to submit another LES after you arrive and go to finance. Your next monthly LES will reflect your BAH, COLA  and so forth) Other documents such as current bank statements, W-2's (all should be obtainable from you're MY PAY site although if they need from two years prior best to have it handy).
  • The lender/loan officer is able to pull your VA Certificate online so no worries there. The Hawaii VA Loan Process is now taking up to 45-60 days to complete and if you have all your ducks in a row for the loan process you'll be getting through the process quicker.

Now that you're set to start your Hawaii Home Buying Process you'll be able to focus on your standard "To Do" list for a Hawaii Military Relocation.

It's not just about real estate...it's about our community and making your transition just a little bit easier.


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