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Sally Cheeseman

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Part II  of the Series on YOUR Military Move to Hawaii.

RENTING vs. BUYING your Hawaii Home

Everyone needs a place to live in YOUR Hawaii Relocation to an island paradise. You are still wondering if you'd like to live on base, rent off base or buy a home in Hawaii. Regardless, what you decide you want to be proactive in your search for homes, condos or townhouses or contact your base Community Housing.

Renting a Hawaii Home:  You can peruse the listings for rentals on HAWAII HOME SEARCH which is a great place to get the criteria picked out for what you want to spend. Most likely you want to stay in your BAH range and you can check out Honolulu County BAH 2011 for your criteria. Don't forget to do a budget including your utilities and make sure that if you have a big dog that the complex (if condo/townhouse) allows for or has limitations on the size or kinds of pets.  That is one big factor to consider when doing your search. Look for pet friendly buildings and rentals.

Buying a Hawaii Home:  You have been Searching for Hawaii Homes and you are ready to get started with the real estate transaction process. Contact Sally!  and I'll give you more information on how to get started with your Hawaii VA Loan and Home Buying ProcessAnd just think....that BAH is extra money for housing and will be yours to invest in your own property rather than pay someone else's mortgage. First step, get prequalified by a local lender. No worries...I will walk you through step by step!

So, Searching for Hawaii Homes for sale and searching for rentals on is the best thing to do right about now to get started. You'll get an idea on the sq/ft, the neighborhoods and the properties closest to your Hawaii Military Duty Station when you make that Hawaii Military Relocation in the near future. At least you'll be getting prepared with learning about the different neighborhoods, schools,  that will be closer to your duty station and more appealing to your idea of the neighborhood you'd love to reside in.

Click on the following picture to get a better visual of your options for RENTING vs. BUYING your Hawaii home.


Now that you've decided on your options for renting vs. buying vs, base housing you will be able to work on your "TO DO" list. Read on for Part 3 of Your Hawaii Military Relocation.Also read the start of the series: Hawaii Military Relocation | YOUR Military Move to Hawaii PART I